How to reach Vourgareli

            Vourgareli is a village on the Tzoumerka Mountains, at 800 meters of altitude, on the mountain area of the Arta Prefecture. 
            At 420 km from Athens, to reach the village you should follow the National Road of Athens-Rio(Patras)-Antririo-Arta, then the Arta-Vourgareli road. By car, you may cover this distance in about 6 hours. 
            At 58 Κm from Arta, you may reach the village in an hour following the
red colored route on our map passing by the artificial lake of Araxthos. 
            From Yannena, you can reach the village in approximately two hours following a magnificent route, marked with
yellow on our map, passing over the Plaka Bridge driving through the fir woods. 
            Finally, from Trikala, you may reach the village in approximately two hours, following the route shown in
green on our map along an picturesque route from Pili, near Trikala, to Vourgareli, that will make it up for the earth road you should still follow (approximately 10Km).